Fartrade Ltd is an international trading company situated in Auckland. We are specialised in frozen meat export for the industries all over the World. Our firm has become a major exporter of Poultry (Chicken, Turkey), Venison, Lamb and Beef products.

New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay

Red meat is the most significant dietary source of carnitine and cratine. Is a good source of protein and minerals such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus and iron, and B vitamins.

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New Zealand

Lamb Meat is a naturally, nutrient dense food packed full of essential nutrients for vitality. Is lean and low in cholesterol compared to other animal proteins. All of our lambs are naturally laised on lush green pastureland.

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Brezil, Argentina

Poultry is the second most widely eaten meat in the World, accounting for about 30% of meat production worldwide. The Brazilian exports of Chicken meat reached more then 80% Countries.

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